Paulo Almeida

Paulo Almeida, drummer/percussionist, arranger, composer

Drummer/percussionist, composer and arranger of multiple music genres.

Word pairs. Simple thoughts. Through trinitarians.

Love others. Work hard. Play hard.

Be kind. Be open. Be curious.

Seek yourself. Learn “youself”. Love yourself.

Slow down. Sit still. Read quietly.

Seek peace. Find peace. Allow peace.

Be thankful. Show thankfulness. Vocalize thankfulness.

Accept frustration. Allow annoyance. Get mad.

Recover quickly. Or don’t. Accept that.

Love unceasingly. Hug often. Eye contact.

Physical touch. Laugh often. Show appreciation.

Current moment. Notice surroundings. Carpe diem.

Dance freely. Sing loudly. Talk openly.

Fear not. Trust others. Pray always.