Paulo Almeida

Paulo Almeida, drummer/percussionist, arranger, composer

Drummer/percussionist, composer and arranger of multiple music genres.

I find great joy in leading music at wedding ceremonies.  Thanks to my years of experience as a multi-instrumentalist, I am able to write effectively and creatively for wedding ceremonies.  I have worked with many couples in the past to get ready for the big day.  I lead as a conductor and a pianist, depending on what the wedding called for.  It mostly had to do with what the bride and groom wanted.  Most recently, I had a coworker who wanted something small and simple, so I played piano and sang.  For the prelude music, my now fiance also joined me as a second singer for a few of the songs.  My specialty is Catholic weddings, which provide an opportunity for several songs to be used for the ceremony, along with "mass parts" if a full wedding mass is planned for the big day.  I am an actively practicing Catholic myself, which helps informs my suggestions to the couple I'm working with to prepare for their big day.


+++I'll be coming up with a complete explanation and description of the Catholic wedding mass music very soon!+++


The most challenging setup that I was in charge of was a wedding for which I lead in 2010 for my dear friends in California.  

I will work closely with the bride and groom to be on their music options for their big day to make sure that everything is exactly as they want it.  I have done music for wedding ceremonies for musicians as small as 2 people and as large as 12.  




Leading rehearsal for a wedding in 2010.  This was an exciting project where I wrote for a large ensemble - Christian Praise band and string quartet.  I arranged all the music for this.

Parts of the Wedding Mass

According to online resources and the work I've done in the past leading music for a wedding mass, here is normally how I would suggest incorporating memorable music into a Catholic Wedding Mass.