Paulo Almeida

Paulo Almeida, drummer/percussionist, arranger, composer

Drummer/percussionist, composer and arranger of multiple music genres.

What I live with

This is a frustration of mine.  When I think about what I'm thinking about most of the time, it's mostly money.  I'm always trying to figure out how to make more money because I've become overcome with paying off debt.  I'm sick of feeling like I'm trapped by this debt.  I have been taking steps to increase my income by doing side-work but feel like it's not enough.  So then I consider my thought patterns.  Is it helping me to think about my issues with debt?  Mostly, no, but it is a constant reminder that I don't buy other things that I don't need.  I already have a lot of stuff and getting more stuff is definitely not what I need right now.  I think I need to be focusing on other thought patterns while keeping the mindset that I need to keep working on my financial situation.  But does that mean that I'll let my guard down a little and not be as intense about paying off my outstanding debt?  Hmmmm......