Paulo Almeida

Paulo Almeida, drummer/percussionist, arranger, composer

Drummer/percussionist, composer and arranger of multiple music genres.

Up and down?

Never let up!  Never let down!  We should always strive to move forward with our lives.  It's risky to get complacent and to get into a rhythm where we stop improving, stop learning, stop questioning.  As a composer, I need to make sure to write music every day.  As a drummer, I need to make sure to sit at the kit and play every day.  As a thinker, I need to make sure to read and write or blog every day.  I am currently the best version of myself that I've ever been.  And I'm only improving more and more every day.  I have to remember of the importance of continuing to challenge myself and to be open to choosing joy whenever I can get there.