Paulo Almeida

Paulo Almeida, drummer/percussionist, arranger, composer

Drummer/percussionist, composer and arranger of multiple music genres.

The science of sleep

I tend to have a difficult time with getting enough sleep.  It usually has a lot to do with when I actually get to bed.  That really effects me.  I enjoy how I feel when I'm rested and always resolve to try to get to bed more regularly, but sometimes it's just really hard to do.  I find that I would describe myself as an early riser AND a night owl.  I enjoy the benefits and joys of both.  It's the strangest thing.  I'm also a very active person and have a lot of projects happening all the time.  This is all related to everything else.  I'm always struggling to try to make all of this work.  But I also find that it's really uncomfortable for me to stay in bed and try to sleep if it doesn't work out right away.  I like when I get to bed and am so tired that I fall asleep right away and don't have to lay there wondering when and if I'll fall asleep at that particular attempt.  But the benefits of sleep are amazing and I really do enjoy those benefits.